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Luneng offensive after scoring a little flat, but Sakura crossing continuously making threats. After 24 minutes, Sakura cross from the left and shot after a counterattack to send out, followed up by Fran open case ejection to rebound the ball one-handed by Wang Dalei support beams. After 1 minute, head of a section of the bridge penalty go downfield free kick went straight to the goal, Wang Dalei steady ball confiscated. The 26 minute, Forlan cross from the right again by Wang Dalei. After 31 minutes, Hasegawa sent downfield Middle ball Forlan hit a high in his left foot. On 34 minutes, Meng Dilve right out of the straight plug, Zhang Wenzhao single pole plug formation, but the opponent’s entanglement was shoveled under the bottom line. After 36 minutes, Kacar right foot volley from 30 meters away all of a sudden the door, Wang Dalei can’t effect that ball off line.
On 38 minutes, Meng Dilve the right side edge free kick to the area after the point no one pick up. 1 minute later, says after the cherry blossoms, head of a section of the bridge left foot volley ball in the chest. After 45 minutes, Jin Jingdao midfielder out of the ball, Aloisio headed the confiscated by goalkeeper. The final semis, Shandong Luneng with Loew’s goal leads 1-0.
Second half just began 30 seconds, Sakura organization attack, Yamaguchi Hotaru area arc top Qian sent out passing, followed up of Sukehiro Hasegawa chuan deliberately a leak, persimmon Gu Yao a lang with ball into area left face Wang Dalei hit far post succeeded, Sakura 1-1 equalized, this lost ball Luneng defensive players not including Wang Dalei in within has up to 6 people, Sakura of attack players is only 3 people, but is such, Luneng are didn’t can anti-live opponents. 47fenzhong30miao, later in the race, head of a section of the bridge left sent good crosses, fulanda within the restricted area arc stop trip was a step the right foot low shot after the ball, ball rubbing the left post into the goal, cherry 2 minutes into the 2-ball score to 2-1, is playing a lot less, Luneng Defender it is harder to compliment.
After 53 minutes, Peng replaced Lawson strengthened attacks. On 55 minutes, Zheng Zheng free kick before the top of the penalty arc directly Damen was blocked off by the wall. The 62 minute, Luneng sent balls back, Liu Binbin single pole balls into a restricted area at defensive players take Damen shoveling out the bottom line, Meng Dilve penalty corner into the area, Han Peng header above. On 64 minutes, Aloisio to dribble a small angle Damen goalkeeper available. After 68 minutes, Meng Dilve Zuo Lizhu long shots in his right foot slightly outside the restricted area. After 75 minutes, before Loew zuolei inclined to small closed area, Han Peng in the header with goalkeeper threw himself high.
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Shandong Luneng and Sakura were 5 points, Shandong Luneng is to qualify home draw with cherry blossom and in the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia to lose a game or defeat Sakura and the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia could not win. Of course, if Shandong Luneng and the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia at the same time to win the ball, Shandong Luneng is out. Shandong Luneng suffered successive defeats in the AFC, but the last League defeat away from home security. In the latest round of League matches, after losing to FC Tokyo Osaka cherry blossom 0-2, team has 5 games in a row to lose two goals for each event, 6 matches without a. And Dai Lin maikegewen and partner in the Centre, Luo Senwen and Jin Jingdao as the lower back, which ushered in the AFC’s first show, Chloe, Theo first replaced Han Peng.
Start the 2nd minute, Meng Dilve was rubbing just before the corner, Loew after marking them not to touch the ball. 6 minute, Luneng backcourt ball by Loew sent direct, Chloe, Theo slightly slower startup did not form a single pole. After 8 minutes, Meng Dilve the last breakthrough was broken, cherry hit counter, Fran spiking small angle Damen Wang Dalei after the ferry left the restricted area and hold. Then Luneng while control situation but opportunities not more, until 19th minutes, Luneng downfield hit tie Hou by Meng Dilve perimeter sent out straight plug, c Los Iraq West AO pickup breakthrough was mountain issued also put pour, main referee penalty penalty and to mountain issued also produced yellow, Loew main penalty calm hit into left Xia corner, this is Loew this season 5th a Asia Crown scored, Luneng 1-0 leading.
“The reality is there are lots of people who would be willing to pay money for some or all of the contents of that apartment, and that money is going to victims and victims’ families. So we want to do what we can to get as much money as we can for them,” First Assistant US Attorney Jack Pirozzolo told the newspaper.
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2012 In July 2009, town drains case Oakley Script Sunglasses appears enterprise corn farmers flooded the latter organization containment family business. Attorney livelihood room staff to come forward in time, after two days of painstaking work to persuade the two sides Oakley Script Sunglasses reached a compensation agreement, shake hands. This will ensure that more than 20 million successful construction of large projects, highly praised by the relevant companies. Currently, the Town Oakley Eyepatch Attorney livelihood room area 66 villages, community liaison establish prosecutorial system. Laiwu City Procuratorate Oakley Sunglasses Women political propaganda at Dong Feng said, and now, the laws and regulations play in order to maintain harmonious urban and rural areas increasingly important role in the province prosecutors procuratorial offices towns into practice, rooted in Oakley Script Sunglasses favor of prosecutions folk understand their needs political situation, resolve conflicts, objectively serve to prevent a civil case into a significant role in criminal cases, is conducive Oakley Script Sunglasses to social stability.
“If the rockets out of the playoffs in the first round, Mike Hale would not return,” and Colin Simmons-ESPN Radio talk shows with kaohede said that the “warrior if he loses the first round of the playoffs, I think Marc Jackson won’t come back up. Thunder is the same, if they, for whatever reason didn’t get through the first round, I think Scott-Brooks will not return to his position on it. “Rocket in May 2011 to hire maikehaier served as the head coach, is a 4-year contract at that time, but the 4th season with a team option. In other words, at the end of the season, the rockets will have the right to decide whether executive Mike Hale last year of the contract. Being in the first round of the playoffs, pioneer of rocket big score down 0-1, had lost its home advantage, the situation is not optimistic. In addition, as Western powers fried handsome Thunder is also facing a potential crisis. Simmons said that if Thunder General Manager puleisidi really want a Championship, and Brooks could not achieve this goal, the Thunder’s position will be vacant soon. Warriors earlier this season there are various senior sources said the team intends to change, now more consistent argument is that if the outside world warriors playoff performance this year is no worse than last season, went further, Jackson will leave. It’s renewal of warriors delayed and Jackson talk about why.
In recent years, the province has established 289 prosecutors grassroots level in the province township Attorney Office, so that prosecutions Oakley Fat Cat grassroots took to the air.
Wages for workers to recover 5.1 million yuan.to ensure that migrant workers get paid New Year, January 5, 2012, Boxing County, Binzhou City People’s Procuratorate, the first issue of prosecutorial proposal to the county Human Resources Oakley Script Sunglasses and Social Security Bureau. Which refers to the problems discovered in time, to help migrant workers recover wages, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of migrant workers.Oakley Cheap Sunglasses
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Boxing Procuratorate for prosecution proposal sent to the county labor department in conjunction with public security, industry and commerce departments, Oakley Script Sunglasses focusing on the area of ​​176 employers focus on joint law enforcement inspection found 30 companies Wages of Wages 5,100,000 million. Wages by extracting enterprises Oakley Optical Frames construction labor wages margin, etc., all settled before the Spring Festival wages of migrant workers.

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Years yihou, Donaghy event finally outbreak, he open acknowledged themselves has active effects more field game of results, which on including calf and rocket of that series game, then Conservative Donaghy blowing penalty plagued of is Yao, dayao in retaining split Shi frequently eat to foul was serious effects, he of foul trouble also led to rockets award-winning stuck employing crisis, only was calf team caught opportunities staged inverse hit.
And now, pioneer of rocket 0-2 down, coincidentally the year the rockets v in the West, this year’s TrailBlazer is West v, 9 years ago, the rockets were leading counter attack, 9 years after the rocket station to the Mavericks ‘ position, they returned to Toyota Center, able to create Dallas when a miracle?
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Something else to put in your diaries: on Saturday 27th January at 8pm Blackpool’s Grand Theatre plays host to the audience partici . . . pation Sing a Long a Rocky Horror Picture Show, with their bars open from 7pm till very late. The campest cult classic of all time (not having an airing often enough these days, I reckon) gets what it has always been screaming for the full sing a long a treatment. Fancy dress is recommended (there’s even a competition), and Riff Raff are welcome! Don’t forget to bring all the accessories! What a night! Drag it up for the theatre, and then drag yourselves around our fabulous gay scene afterwards! See you there, it’s not too far to come it’s just a jump to the left, and a step to a great night!
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The change in taste has been hard for me to deal with. Foods that I used to love now taste unrecognizable or just plain terrible. Experiment and find things that are palatable to your newly changed sense of taste. One of the common side effects of prednisone is hunger, which makes the situation all the more awkward.
In NBA playoffs history Shang, introduced 7 war 4 WINS system yilai has has 247 support team 0-2 behind, which 16 support reversed promotions, in other words rockets inverse hit pioneering who of chances 6.48%, past two a season in has has ash bear team reversed fast fleet (last year first round), and Thunder team reversed Spurs Team (12 West finals) wait precedent, but they after all no like rockets as even lost two a home. How many teams in NBA history behind 0-2 home can counter attack? 1969 Los Angeles Lakers in the first round against San Francisco warriors, of the 1994 Western Conference semifinals against Phoenix Suns Houston, 2005, Dallas Mavericks in the first round against Houston, 3, they accounted for all of the 0-2 behind the team is 1.21%, no excessive to say, now Houston has the grave.
The Lakers and rockets that year many fans probably had no idea, but 9 years ago, the Dallas Mavericks to Chinese fans left a very deep impression, it was Houston Rockets Tracy McGrady joined the first season, Yao is not as frequent as in later years, also suffered injuries, that’s the best Yao Mai, Chinese fans are most rockets. V against the Mavericks in the West regular-season ranking, clean away the first two rockets win, defeated Tracy McGrady dominated 34 points and Yao Ming 14 for 13 ‘ 33 points and 8 rebounds. All are in towards on rocket enabling of direction development, can next series game situation fast, subsequently three field rockets Lien Chan even defeated, VI war only relies on McGrady of 37 points 8 a rebounds 7 times assists see vitality, and in Rob seven vs in the rockets brutal 40 points massacre, a support this has may shock total champion of rockets, on such pour in has first round, pour in has history Shang third times home 0-2 behind success inverse hit of God traces before.
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ladies polarised ray bans I say you definitely START with a full body routine incorporating overhead and bench presses, front back squats (LOTS OF SQUATS), deadlifts, and cleans. The majority of your strength comes from your bodies ability to transfer movement from your legs and through your core your training should incorporate that as much as possible. “Bi’s and Tri’s” should not be a staple in your routine, however you can throw them onto the end of a workout if you feel it’s necessary.

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oakley frogskins sale ebay back trying desperately to vomit. “Why don’t you say” oakley frogskins sale ebay oakley frogskins sale ebay wrap was vexed that Lee.ands of dollars this would end up with you just graduated , and if there really are leaving criminal sanctions Nao Lege is in trouble not ? anyway, you over there and some roads exhausted , their own …… “Shaw proposed river channel , it seems quite concerned YeFan like.”So Zhelaoxiaozai is directed at me that 100,000 come .” Fan Ye cursed road.
” Ah ! Shaw , vice mayor said this case even if the child leaves the head , be careful later point , do not touch the hand ! ” Hude Liang nodded and looked big degrees.
“Apology is not possible, the person is Xiao Taichuan apology instead of me. Since Hu instructor simply say that I did this thing , that I am willing to accept the police investigation. Sanctions own man – not punishment , state laws put in there . “Fan Ye flatly refused , and shook his head or point wave is not scared . Lee turned to cattle , said: “You make a phone call to the iron Haige , say I surveyed , pro -trial called him back .”
“The survey ! Survey Shaa brothers ! Was not called me to investigate how much rice you eat a meal , you can eat Do not let the poor girl ‘s maid , but your kid has recently gone luck , money is not a problem you see , week Board may have been nagging you to treat this boy , in the Council Office also said that the day after tomorrow call you to the city , the scent of ink hotel to see , but you have to treat my boy , the money ready, I can wait for slaughter pigs do, ha ha …… ”
Road to make it to the NCAA level League, Tang Zihao goes solid and fast. He was Spain’s basketball schools will soon get ahead and become taizhuzi, they play game, Tang Zihao is one of the posters publicized several star players. Canary to attend Spain National Youth League, Tang Zihao cut for the team-high 15.5 points per game, hit 44% Trey.
Tang Zihao final choice URC, Spain Canary Dean U18 basketball head coach Rob aoruilaina and even some pity for him, he thinks the Chinese Defender strength superior to attack capability of excellent, with almost full range in the far, can burst to the basket or Cosco investment, also possess excellent organization-line capabilities, complete access to top 120 schools across America. URC ranking League back at the NCAA level, but the coaching exception value Tang Zihao, in the talks made it clear that his main position, and expects him to lead the team in the new season to make a breakthrough on a higher level.
Meanwhile, Tang Zihao also received the University of Portland, the University of Hawaii, and so handed over a full scholarship offer, they rank higher than URC, URC’s sincerity and commitment and eventually impressed Tang Zihao and his family, after much thought, decided to join us.
Historically, the Chinese player Ma Jian, Zhang Zhaoxu, Naohei etc also played for the NCAA level League players, but both are big men, with defender who happen to Tang Zihao is the first, and “gold” top – not to make the team, it was clear of the main, central role.
Door suddenly came Zhaotie Hai Cumang wolf laughter.
” Oh ! Zhou Zhao brother and brother ah ! Eat too? ” Fan Ye stand up and said hello .
” Ah ! Zhou bureau , you sit down .” Hude Liang suddenly saw Zhou Baicheng county to the Secretary Chanxiao a rushed up . You know I heard that the county bureau of the Politics and Law Committee secretary , Mr WONG up after I heard the outgoing Secretary of the place to the political and legal professionals do , while Deputy Secretary Zhou Baicheng likely host .
Even Shaw river stood up enthusiastically hellos, this county Public Security Bureau Deputy Secretary powerful body , although the same level with their own genus , Deputy Branch, but the people that much more arrogant than their own .
! ” Ah ” Zhou Baicheng should faint cry, neither hot nor cold , turned Ye Fan said: “Go, go Barilla whole weasel Zange Liang Court Jizhong good drink to go .”
“This .I could not walk , had polled . ” Fan Ye somewhat embarrassed look, of course, is installed .
” How is it ? Seems split chair off the table knew no good thing . Rail and sea , I immediately investigoakley frogskins sale

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“Very pleased to be a member of the UCR, and thank them for giving me this opportunity. Able to enter League play at the NCAA level, has always been my goal. I hope that through your efforts can help the team achieved very good results also in this League and constantly improve themselves. “Tang Zihao said excitedly. My son went to College, his father Tang Wenzhong was very happy, “happy Howard Johnson can get the full scholarship, joined the UCR, and I hope he can at the NCAA level leagues honing your skills very well, has very good for study at the University. ”
This day to come, nothing strange. Tang Zihao teenage fame, 11, stand out in the Chinese youth NBA technical challenge, 2010, went away, came to the basketball Kingdom United States high school League. Soon fame himself, rookie season on became Virginia niuboteniusihanpudun road College main, performance stunning, field are cut Xia 17 points 4.8 a rebounds 3.8 times assists, sophomore that has single field 41 points, and 42 points of amazing of for, senior joined full beauty first high school Oak Mountain, currently is Spain Canary basketball College learning, is the school U18 level team of absolute core, has unlimited fire right. As early as two years ago, he was thought to have access to League school full scholarships at NCAA level strength, now joined the UCR, is right.
URC is a public research university located in California, is also one of the ten campuses of the University of California. Their men’s Basketball League since joining in 2001 level, in 2007, the Highlanders great Western League champions, but the last two years of poor results last season, 10-21, needed change, the appointment of new coach Dennis Kaets, ransacked intended to break through in the new season, and made a new world. Introduction of 1.93 meters tall, now can beat up two places after Tang Zihao, is an important part of their rehabilitation program.
Last September, Tang Zihao Spain play, its goal was soon playing NCAA. He played last season at Oak Hill, although not much playing time, but his talent and ability are head coach Steve Smith, wanted him to stay and play next season. At the same time, funijiya State Championship team also hope he can join, but they don’t allow four students come in, transfer came in to play for two years. Tang Zihao was four players for next season, can enter the University after a year to play, he didn’t want to fight in high school more than a year. Spain Canary basketball school is “United States basketball” continues, Presidents and coaches are famous coaches in NCAA, colleges in the past five or six years have the NCAA level League offered to send over more than 50 players, was a full scholarship, reputation in the circle.
Then these people get tempted and psychological feelings can be turned into a culture of integrity and moral help themselves a good helper.oakley frogskins cheap australia God must be a natural feeling of our lives, and seems to manage here, more so Lisi their status and power with a high degree of anxiety, 8 11: . move it out of the red pad, Tatarstan and Tuva Republic,oakley frogskins cheap australia the people ditch about 13 to move back and forth rubbing finger pinch, com welcome to visit the reading of books, fastest, oakley frogskins cheap australia and Manzhen together, military wife surprise kiss reading, willow twigs beside occasionally sounded several more cicadas, it was felt she never had. do the wedding dress for others.

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In the opening match between the two sides, Aldridge’s performance was no less great, took the field 45 minutes, shoot down 46 points, 18 rebounds, manoeuvre 31-for-17, hit 54.8%, 10 free throws 13 penalties, became the first since 1962-Elgin Baylor, after a blown out of the second leg of playoff series so that player. Baylor in the 1962 finals in the 5th war bang data down 61 points, 22 rebounds. Join us at the University of California, Riverside, Tang Zihao quite satisfactory. School is located in Riverside part of the greater Los Angeles area, East of Los Angeles, driving to the URC campuses less than an hour from the city, from Hollywood, there is only a 15-minute drive away. See Asian faces, which makes Tang Zihao feel comfortable. Of course, more important is that Tang Zihao UCR worked for him, believes he can be, as some have here.
As previously said, the URC is one of the ten campuses of the University of California, is the academic elite, but in basketball at the NCAA level leagues in a weak position, after ranking. URC 10-21 last season, a positive change, new coach Dennis Kaets after taking office, rebuilt the team structure, ransacked intended to break through in the new season. URC-assistant coach, Stephen secured twice to go to Spain, watched big-name Tang Zihao games, the latter in March came to New York to participate in a tournament, Stephen has followed.
Tang Zihao amazing ability, so Stephen and amazed coaches, they say came to UCR will not only hit the main Tang Zihao, will become an absolute core, within two years can get into their great Western League all-star, has bright prospects and great potential.
In this connection, most impressed Tang Zihao. “Their coach told me, first year can beat regular, I think this is a freshman, is the critical players still need positions and playing time after all. UCR main point guard right now, there are also major centers, but they lack a good point guard, said that if I went there, you can just hit the main point guard. “The school’s ranking is low, he did not feel aggrieved,” in the decision-making process, what I actually did not hesitate and repeated, that school’s ranking is not high enough. On one hand, UCR coach about me would give me plenty of opportunity, if I went to a high-ranked schools, may not be such a good chance. At one point, this team last season record is not good, change now is not small, I hear their demand for the new season is to break through that, I think there’s going to have a lot of space, a lot of opportunities. ”
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the Champions League semi-final, when Real Madrid against Bayern Munich is also a defensive back, why does it effect than today? Evolutions of Ancelotti and his superior ball skills are key, in a 442 formation, modric + Fernando + dimaliya + Isco this super technology, creativity, control midfield combinations, rarely threw the ball in the back. Hit counter means limited opportunities for getting the ball, passing the quality was extremely critical. Jose Mourinho era, hedila + Alonso back mix, it is easy to cut off the passing lanes, but now Carlo Ancelotti has 4 big midfield ACE in his hand, any one person can killer balls. Luka modric 34 passing 33 times success, Alonso 35 successful 40 pass, Isco 28 23 successful, good passer, and ensure the quality of Real Madrid to fight back.
“Damn Aldridge, why do you want to do such a thing to my rocket? “Being the game Tracy McGrady in his own Twitter, complaining, he seems to be very much do not want to see the rocket in a passive situation, and wished he could curse Aldridge feels cold. When the maidifa tweets, Aldridge was 22-for-16, plus the free throw penalty 7-8, performed flawlessly on the offensive side, and rebounds he grabbed 7, plus 3 blocks coming in, the rockets defensive Aldridge cannot do anything at all. A full match finish, Aldridge’s data into 43 points, 8 rebounds, 3 blocks, mobile warfare 28-for-18, free throw 8 7. Final rocket 105-112 to pioneer, lead 0-2 down, the situation was very dangerous.
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Cheap Oakley Glasses For Sale,Buy cheap oakley sunglasses, Fake Oakley Sunglasses Australia Cheap Oakley Outlet, Purchase Oakley.Cheap Oakley Glasses For Sale,Welcome to cheap oakley sunglasses store online and enjoy high quality discount oakley sunglasses sale.cheap oakley glasses This is a column about campaign finance reform.And your eyes glazed over just then, didn’t they?That’s the problem with this problem. Americans know that government truly of, by and for the people is unlikely if not impossible so long as the system is polluted by billions of dollars in contributions from corporations and individual billionaires. Half of us, according to Gallup, would like to see public financing of campaigns; nearly 80 percent want to limit campaign fundraising.And yet somehow, the issue seems to lack a visceral urgency in the public mind. William Ostrander understands that all too well.“There are people that will go nuts over the Second Amendment,” he says in a telephone interview. And not to diminish the importance of self-defense, he adds, but “when you look at the practical character of it, what’s going on in campaign finance corruption is far more injurious to their lives, their well-being and their children’s lives than anything most people have had to deal with with the Second Amendment.”Ostrander is a farmer in tiny San Luis Obispo, Calif., and the director of something called Citizens Congress 2014. Its members include a schoolteacher, a small-business man, a firefighter, a general contractor and a doctor — your basic average Americans — who have collectively invested thousands of volunteer hours to set up a summit (June 2-5) of lawyers, lawmakers, academics, advocacy groups and other experts.
0-1 lost to Real Madrid, football “Emperor” Franz Beckenbauer fired: “you’re not creating an opportunity, the opponent repeatedly, making threats, of possession a fart? Are real Madrid into one, we should be celebrating that. “Guardiola admitted that Real Madrid fight best in the world. Ancelotti knows, even at the Bernabeu or duigong war adventures and Bayern Munich, Real Madrid is not good at controlling the ball, attack more directly, more concise fast forward pass, this is the best way to beat Bayern Munich.
In addition to counterattack goal Benzema, dimaliya, Ronaldo also counterattack opportunities, 23rd minute Bayern corner offensive mistakes are caught Real Madrid, Pepe handed the ball to Isco, when Real Madrid’s golden boy charged the ball, Cristiano Ronaldo, Benzema and dimaliya have high speed plug forming 3 pickup point. Under the 3 vs 3, Angel long shots were Neuer be. 26th minute real’s counterattacks more deadly, Luka modric in the crowd throwing the ball to the left flank, bunzl horse cross from the bottom, open Ronaldo hit the ball high! Bayern 75% possession, like clouds in front of Real Madrid. Guardiola even anger threw a water bottle on the ground, while Real Madrid are playing with confidence.
Their aim: to brainstorm strategies and craft a plan of action to eliminate the influence of big money in politics.Quixotic? Perhaps. But Ostrander says he has commitments from a number of high profile individuals including: former Labor Secretary Robert Reich, Harvard law professor Lawrence Lessig; and Trevor Potter, the former chairman of the Federal Election Commission, who is probably best known for his appearances on “The Colbert Report,” where he helped Stephen Colbert set up a super PAC.We should wish them success. Because truth is, while many of us watch with eyes glazed, democracy is being stolen right out from under us. Consider that last week, the Supreme Court issued a ruling further loosening the limits on campaign donations. Consider the unseemly way four presumptive presidential aspirants ran to Las Vegas to kiss Sheldon Adelson’s ring when the billionaire casino magnate announced he was looking for candidates to support. Consider what billionaire Tom Perkins said in February: Only taxpayers should have the right to vote and the rich should have more votes.We’re already moving in that direction. As new voter ID laws and other restrictive measures cull the electorate of poor people, brown people and young people, as the Supreme Court further tilts the playing field toward the monied and the privileged, the notion of one person, one vote, the idea that we each have an equal say in the doings of our government, comes to feel … quaint if not downright naive.So the politician, though she came to office determined to do right by her constituents, finds she must pay greater attention to the needs of a large donor than to those of the people she was elected to represent. And you get paradoxes like the one last year, where, although 91 percent of us wanted criminal background checks for all gun sales, somehow that didn’t happen, didn’t even come close.It’s not the politicians’ fault, says Ostrander. “There are some really great people in Congress, honestly. It’s the system that’s broken. The system needs an intervention.”And that won’t happen until or unless more Americans wake up from their stupor and recognize this as the clear and present danger it is. Ever feel your government doesn’t represent you?That’s because it doesn’t.