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Posted by on Jan 5, 2017 in Employment | 0 comments

Common Types of Employment Tests

Companies use employment tests to filter applicants, to separate those who are qualified to those who are not. When employers say qualified, they don’t just mean in job skills, but also in physical fitness, mental fortitude, and other factors that may directly or indirectly affect the job.

Employers require applicants to take different tests to know if they are qualified for these varying factors. The common kinds of tests are written below.

Job Knowledge Test

This is arguably the most important employment test, because it measures your knowledge of the job. It determines your level of competence in the applied position by giving you questions related to your tasks.

These tests are objective, meaning there are right and wrong answers. They are often in written format, but an oral type is not that unlikely.

Cognitive Ability Test

Aside from knowledge of the job, employers also look into your cognitive abilities such as comprehension, logic, reasoning, and other departments that may indirectly affect your success in the position you are applying for. It is important for the employer to know your mental capabilities, because these capabilities show your potential in solving job-related issues.

These tests are more general, but they are still objective in nature. They are often in multiple choice format.

Personality Test

Even if you are knowledgeable of the job and have the mental capability to solve job-related problems, you can still fail in your position if you do not have the specific personality traits that are advantageous for the position.

For example, an employee in the sales department may have more success if he is assertive, confident, and outgoing, but an employee in the creative department may get away with being reserved.

These tests are not objective, meaning there are no right and wrong answers. Personality tests are often in the form of multiple choice. You are give certain scenarios and are required to choose what you will do if you are put in the same situation.

Simulation Test

You can have the knowledge for the job, the mental fortitude to solve job-related problems, and the right personality traits for the position, but you can still perform unsatisfactorily when you are already on the job. That’s why employers give you a chance to feel the workplace by giving you a simulation of it, so they could see you actually perform the job. These simulations assess your skills and competence in your tasks.

Simulation tests are in practical form. Maybe you are required to demonstrate your knowledge of a particular computer program that is essential for the position, or prove your physical fitness for a job that is physically demanding.

Testing for employment may be hard, but it is often a necessary task to help you and your potential employer prevent things like job frustration, employee turnovers, job-related injuries, and other issues that may affect the business and personal side of employment.

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